Hines hired Isotherm to provide the Cx services for the fundamental and enhanced commissioning. Our involvement started from the pre-design phase until the post-occupancy and operation phase. It started with reviewing the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and the Basis of Design (BoD) in the design phase. We reviewed the contract documents and gave commissioning-related comments. We reviewed shop drawings as they were procured and performed site reviews once installation had begun. Witnessing the equipment start-up, equipment static verifications, and providing performance testing with the commissioning team are some of the main activities performed in this project.  This is followed by turnover and training.  Finally, we continued working with the facility management for seasonal and warranty reviews and optimizing the building’s performance during post-occupancy.

LEED Silver certification was targeted and achieved, and Isotherm provided all required documents and services for fundamental commissioning prerequisite and enhanced commissioning credit. 

Our hands-on approach to commissioning and our attention to detail were appreciated.  Our new role as a technical advisor for Hines is to follow the commissioning process closely with site visits and construction meetings and to provide technical assistance and solutions to the team.  We understand this particular role and look out for the interest of the College.

Systems to be Commissioned:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Building Automation System
  • Plumbing System and Associated Controls
  • Fire Sprinkler Equipment and Control System
  • Electrical Equipment and Control System

CIBC Square - 81 Bay

Client Name
: Hines Canada
: New Construction Commissioning (NCx)
: Completed